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Strong Partnerships Pave the Path to Community Transformation


Volunteers are the engine of community change

Communities throughout the country are in dire need of a makeover around how they work together. Successful community change requires close cooperation between civic leaders, non-profit organizations, businesses and community members.

However, creating and realizing a shared vision for a community can be fraught with pitfalls, red tape, and political self-interests.


We help turn passion for community into responsible, effective action

Bringing civic leaders and non-profits together to serve the greater good requires a true collaborative model that fosters collective cooperation and eliminates competition for fundraising and support.

Max Chauvin is a recognized authority in this field and he is on a mission to help civic leaders and nonprofits embrace a new model and structure that strengthens community partnerships, allowing transformation to succeed.

Max Chauvin

Impact & Results

As an in-demand speaker and facilitator, Max has garnered a reputation for guiding nonprofit leaders along a path to community transformation through his expertise on how to …

Make partnerships work for the betterment of a community
Recruit, motivate, and retain key volunteers
Lead and manage a more effective Board of Directors
Develop long-term strategies for community success
Work with partners to create a shared vision and outcomes

What Clients Say

Audiences enjoy Max’s to-the-point speaking style, which is thought-provoking, humorous, and packed with practical insights and wisdom.

Paul Deon

Special Projects Director of Lifesaving Society

Max has a unique ability to get straight to the root issues. He asks the right questions and focuses on finding realistic courses of action. He also ensures that everyone's voice is heard.

Marilyn Smith

He provided us with training and knowledge of various types of facilitation skills, styles and presentations. He provided a thorough overview of what the expectations would be from community groups, members and individuals. He was a mentor and a resource for our team.

Rhonda Lemire

Former Executive Director of Recreation Nova Scotia

He is one of the best and well-versed individuals in terms of governance information in the province. Not only is he incredibly knowledgeable, but he was always well prepared and was very flexible with the project.

Joyce Beaudry

Executive Director of Memory Lane Family Place Association

Working with Max Chauvin over the past 17 years has changed the landscape of our non-profit organization. Max brings his best self to all he does. His genuine caring and understanding of the nature of our work allows us to be the best we can be on behalf of our families, children and community.

Gordon Hammond

President of The Middlepoinn Consulting Group

Having hired Max on a number of occasions I can say he brings a unique combination of energy, insight, engagement and competence to this process, bringing positive, realistic and inspirational results.

Gary Comeau

CTRS Director of Recreation Therapy and Volunteer Services Oakwood Terrace

He challenged us to overcome the barriers/obstacles ahead of us. He presented new ideas and gave us the tools to succeed. His personality allows him to balance humour and professionalism which makes his presentations informative, productive and never boring.

Jayne Hunter

Executive Director of Literacy Nova Scotia

Max provided our organization with an interactive and engaging session on Board Governance, development, recruitment and retention. His presentation was not only informative and educational but also included the development of a board manual that we continue to use today.

Bruce MacArthur

Secretary Treasurer of Kings Volunteer Resource Centre Association

Max is a pleasure to work with and is very flexible in adapting his presentations to our needs. We at Kings Volunteer Resource Centre look forward to working with Max in the future.

Community Transformation is Our Business

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Max Chauvin

To find out the exact steps needed to transform communities through volunteerism and civic partnerships, invite Max Chauvin to your next conference or keynote event.